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  • CRM

  • Instant Estimating
  • 150+ Estimating Templates

  • Production Rate Calculator

  • Labor Charge Calculator

  • Overhead Recovery Calculator

  • Material Catalog

  • E-Sign Contracts

  • Job Costing System
  • US Based Support

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“Truly Instant Estimating”

I can’t believe that ZevBit took the most time consuming part of running my business, and minimized the amount of time it now takes to write quotes. ZevBit’s Instant Estimating is much more accurate than my old quoting process using my crew’s production rates and material prices in their formulas. Getting every customer a quote the same day as the project walk is game changing. Do not sleep on ZevBit!

Bryan Alfaro

“Quick, Simple, and Accurate Estimating!”

Thank you ZevBit for giving me back my time! Quotes that used to take up to an hour now take me 2-3 minutes and they are more accurate than ever. I am excited to use the new features coming out soon!

Ben Jennings

“Don’t use your brain, use theirs!”

This Software is perfect for my landscaping company! ZevBit allows my new salesmen to quickly learn how to estimate accurately and quickly! I have watched ZevBit from the beginning and I know this is going to be the best business software out there!

Metikolo Fukofuka

“It’s what the landscaping industry needed…”

ZevBit Estimating has completely changed the way I write quotes and close projects. It used to take me days to get a quote back to a customer after the job walk. Now my salesman and I write the quotes during the job walk and I can even present an E-Signable quote instantly, giving me the opportunity to close the deal before I hop back in my truck. Looking forward to using the rest of the features, thank you to the ZevBit Team!

Jonathan Dellalo

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