Our story

Why was ZevBit Created?

  • We were contractors just like yourself, running around aimlessly wearing all of the hats our companies required. Marketing, Sales, Project Management, HR, Payroll, and the list goes on. We all knew there had to be a software solution out there to put systems into our company while giving us back our time.
  • We tried all of the softwares on the market. Some of them helped a little, but we could not find a software that met all of our company’s needs and none of these softwares seemed to have an onboarding program to help us learn how to use the software and correctly implement it into our businesses.
  • A lot of the other softwares only solved part of the problem, acting as a band aid for our businesses. There were still a ton of manual entries taking almost as much time as pen and paper. These softwares are built for any contractor, none fit our landscaping businesses’ needs perfectly.
We realized that we are not the only ones running into this problem…
  • So we set out to build our own software to help landscape contractors grow by understanding more about their business without spending more precious time setting up systems to capture historical data. Numbers do not lie!
  • Not only did we create a custom software for the landscaping industry… We built ZevBit to be custom tailored to each company’s needs since every landscape contractor has a different method to the madness.
  • We know what it’s like running a business, pursuing a dream in a tough space like the landscaping industry.
Our Mission

Providing Accuracy While Saving You Time

  • Our mission is to positively impact 10,000 landscape contractors businesses by helping these hard working Americans gain an edge over their competition while creating better lives for their family as well as their employees’ families.
  • Why? Because it’s contractors that push America forward.
Essential Elements That Make ZevBit

A Game – Changing Software

The perfect integration of our carefully designed features consolidates the all-in-one solution that will transform your business.


Allows you to keep your customers organized by detailing contact information such as their address, phone number, and email.

Instant Estimating

ZevBit’s Instant Estimating Templates allow you to write E-Signable quotes in seconds while on site with the customer!


ZevBit has the perfect scheduling system for any contractor’s method to the madness. Schedule projects by day or in depth by task.


Message your team or your client directly through ZevBit, keeping project communications all in one place.

Time Tracking

Track your employees time with accuracy. See clock in/clock out GPS locations and see task progress throughout the day.

Job Costing

ZevBit’s Job Costing system allows you to know exactly where your expenses stop and your profits begin.

Mobile App


The perfect app for Landscape Contractors on the go! Write estimates, manage crews, schedule projects, and more with the ZevBit Mobile app!

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